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Klebeset Duschablage ohne Bohren | Klebestreifen und Montagepaste

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Fritz O

High-quality shower tray made of stainless steel. Anyone who has decided to buy the product will not be disappointed. I particularly like the removable floor, which can be easily cleaned from the soap or shower residue.

- Fritz O
tina s

The shower shelf is simple, straightforward, compact, stable and also looks great, so far it has held up with the supplied adhesive. Can be cleaned and maintained well. I would recommend. The processing is impeccable, without sharp edges.

- tina s
Clemens K

The assembly is very easy. Three adhesive pads and an additional adhesive (included in the delivery) guarantee a tight fit. Really a great and noble product.

- Clemens K

Details / FAQs

The shower shelf is made of 100% stainless steel 304 and is available in three colors (matt black, brushed stainless steel, matt grey)

The shower shelf sticks to smooth and rough tiles, glass, wallpaper, wood, stone and much more

Please note our supplied instructions for assembly and prior cleaning of the surface.

Yes, the shower shelf has 3 adhesive strips already attached. The special adhesive supplied is applied in the gaps between the adhesive strips for an extra firm hold!

Yes, the liquid glue can be heated with a hair dryer. The shower shelf can then be detached from the wall again.

More order in the shower - 3 hooks included

No more falling shampoos! The Dekazia shower basket finally brings order and harmony to your shower! Simply order, stick on and set down utensils. The hooks supplied can be used flexibly and thus ensure more order in the shower. From the squeegee, razor to the brush, everything can be carefully hung up.

Highest quality and processing

Our premium shower trays are of the highest quality. From the selection of materials to our modern machines, we focus on the best processing and quality. No sharp edges, extremely strong adhesive pads and special glue included.

Cleanliness and hygiene through easy cleaning

The removable bottom makes cleaning the shower shelf very easy. You can get to all places on the shelf and this results in more cleanliness and hygiene in your shower! Germ-resistant and no risk of mold The water runs off perfectly through the grooves in the bottom. This means there is no waterlogging and no risk of mold. The brushed stainless steel is also germ-resistant.
  • ✅ Original Ersatzklebe-Set für Dekazia Duschablagen ohne Bohren
  • ✅ Inhalt: 3x 3M Klebestreifen & 1x Montagekleber für extra starken Halt
  • ✅ Montage: Einfaches Anbringen der Klebestreifen - doppelseitig klebend 

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