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Wooden toilet roll holder with chains

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6 months adhesive guarantee
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Tanya K.

We are very happy with the holder. Adhesive pads make a good impression, hang in the desired place and look great👍 Great idea, keep it up!!!!

- Tanya K.
Ralph P

Mega! A highlight for every "special" bathroom. Easy installation and handling. Likewise the nice contact to the manufacturer. Clear purchase recommendation!

- Ralph P

Details / FAQs

We offer four different versions of the toilet paper holder.

- Made of sustainable oak wood and black stainless steel chains and adhesive hooks

- Made of mango wood and black or white stainless steel chains and adhesive hooks

- Made of sustainable beech wood and black stainless steel chains and adhesive hooks

The toilet paper holder can be easily attached to the wall with adhesive hooks and without drilling .

Adhesive strips included

It can be applied to smooth and rough tiles, glass, wallpaper, wood, stone and much more

Yes, the glue can be heated with a hair dryer. The product can then be detached from the wall again.

  • ✔️ NO DRILLING & EXTREMELY STRONG - The DEKAZIA wooden toilet paper holder can be easily attached to all surfaces thanks to the extremely strong self-adhesive pads. The toilet holder for sticking is therefore ideal for renters.
  • ✔️ EASY CHANGE OF TOILET PAPER - To change the toilet roll, simply pull the pin on one side of the wall-mounted roll holder. Bracket including instructions
  • ✔️ ROBUST AND DURABLE - The mango wood of the toilet paper holder without drilling is extremely DURABLE with its natural texture and a protective layer of wax.
  • ✔️ SUSTAINABLE MANGO WOOD - The toilet roll holder made of fine mango wood was made by hand in India. The wood is a by-product of mango fruit plantations.
  • ✔️ UNIQUE DESIGN - The set with adhesive hook and metal chain are matt black. This gives a nice contrast between the brown wood and the black toilet paper holder.
  • ✔️ Adhesive guarantee - your toilet paper dispenser doesn't last? DEKAZIA replaces the adhesive pad for every toilet paper holder that has fallen down within the first 6 months!

Holds absolutely tight - even without drilling

No drilling necessary! The toilet paper holder is simply glued to the desired location and is extremely secure. Our special adhesive strips ensure an extra strong hold.

Easy changing of the toilet roll

Replacing a new toilet paper roll is easy as pie! Simply pull the piece of wood, attach the roller and piece of wood - done!

Steel matt powder-coated

The chains and adhesive hooks are made of steel and are matt black or white. This makes them a nice complement to the natural color of the wood.

Sustainable wood, robust & durable

We only use wood from sustainable forestry. The oak wood we use comes from Germany, the beech wood from the EU and the mango wood from fruit plantations in Uttar Pradesh in northern India. We are always in close contact with our manufacturer. The selected woods are robust and particularly durable and are protected by a final layer of wax or double oiling.

Handmade natural product

Our wooden toilet paper holders are natural products. We use and process all parts of the degraded wood. This is why unique and natural one-offs are created, which are never quite the same in terms of the grain of the wood and the colour. The products are made by hand. Each product is therefore a one-off production and real handwork.